Magic Stars 3


Magic Stars 3

By: Wazdan

Magic Stars 3 review

Introduction: Dive deep into the cosmos with Magic Stars 3, an enchanting video slot provided by Wazdan. With a 3x3 grid layout, this celestial experience will take you on an interstellar journey through the mesmerizing galaxy, illuminated by dazzling stars. If you're a fan of its predecessor, Magic Stars, this installment promises to bring back familiar sensations with its straightforward gameplay.

Theme: Journey to the farthest corners of space with the Magic Stars 3 slot. The vibrant backdrop is set against a tapestry of multicolored stars and animated stardust that dances around to captivate players. Every symbol, shaped like a star, radiates its unique glow, creating a visually stunning tableau of shimmering lights. Accompanied by an otherworldly and soothing soundtrack, you'll truly feel immersed in the mysteries of the universe.

Bonus Features:

  • Gamble Feature: Boost your winnings with the double-or-nothing option. After each successful spin, you have the choice to wager your recent win, aiming to double it. By selecting one of the two presented symbols, if you make the right pick, your prize doubles. Gamble up to seven times for a chance at even higher returns. But beware! One wrong guess, and the winnings vanish, plunging you back into the base game.

RTP and Volatility:

  • The game boasts a competitive RTP of 96.59%, slightly higher than the average benchmark.
  • Experience gameplay on your terms with its adjustable volatility. Whether you're a risk-taker or prefer steady outcomes, customize it to fit your playing style.

Bet Sizes and Payouts:

  • Minimum bet starts at a modest $0.10, perfect for those just starting their space exploration.
  • For the high-flyers, take it up a notch with a maximum bet of $100.00.
  • Payouts include:
    • Wild Star symbol pays the highest, with 3 yielding 4x at the minimum stake, which can soar to a whopping 4,000x on a $100 stake.
    • Various colored stars offer returns ranging from 0.80 to 0.40 when three of a kind line up on the lowest stake.

How to Play:

  1. Choose your volatility level by selecting one of the three chili icons.
  2. Adjust your bet using the +/- symbols located at the screen's bottom.
  3. Press the 'spin' button to set the reels in motion.
  4. Optionally adjust the game speed (regular, medium, or fast) to suit your pace.
  5. Engage the 'autospin' feature if you prefer the game to take the wheel for a while.

Overall Summary: Magic Stars 3 is more than just another slot; it's an enthralling cosmic journey. Its elegant visuals paired with a serene soundtrack create a relaxing and engaging gaming atmosphere. With adjustable volatility and a competitive RTP, this game is perfect for both novice and experienced players. While its simplicity is its core strength, the gamble feature adds a hint of excitement for those looking for an extra thrill. Ready for a stellar gaming experience? Join Gamegram now, and let Magic Stars 3 light up your path to potentially cosmic rewards!

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