Hammer of Vulcan


Hammer of Vulcan

By: Quickspin

Hammer of Vulcan review

Introduction Immerse yourself in the fierce and fiery world of Roman mythology with the thrilling online slot, Hammer of Vulcan. Brought to you by Quickspin, this game is a fusion of sizzling graphics and substantial bonus features that are sure to stoke your gaming flames. Let's delve into the heart of Vulcan's forge for an extraordinary casino experience at Gamegram.

Theme Brace yourself for an adventure steeped in ancient Roman lore with Hammer of Vulcan. Set in the celestial forge of the god Vulcan, this game engages players with an assortment of symbols such as chalices, swords, shields, and helmets - objects you would anticipate Vulcan to craft for the pantheon of gods. The reels float atop a fiery anvil, with embers billowing upwards and chains adding a touch of grim decor. All these elements blend seamlessly to create a visually captivating experience that transports you to an age of gods and glory.

Bonus Features Hammer of Vulcan is ablaze with bonus features that spark thrilling gameplay and potent potential payouts. The game heats up with the Hammer Strike feature, where the presence of a wild symbol can transform all the symbols beneath it into wilds as well, increasing your chances of kindling a winning combination.

A round of free spins will be awarded when you land three or more scatter symbols, earning you between 10 and 20 free spins, with each additional scatter landed during the bonus game granting an extra free spin. The multiplier starts at 1x during the bonus round, and every new wild symbol increases it by one, enabling that multiplier to climb and boost your wins. The Strike Again feature kicks in on your last spin during the bonus round, awarding additional free spins until you land a win.

RTP and Volatility Hammer of Vulcan is a high volatility game with a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.81%. This high volatility means wins might not be frequent, but when they do happen, they can potentially deliver significant rewards, with an impressive top prize of 20,347 times your bet.

Bet Sizes and Payouts The game accommodates a wide range of bet sizes, from as low as $0.1 to a maximum bet of $100, making it a suitable choice for cautious bettors and high-rollers alike. Winning combinations are generated by landing matching symbols on adjacent reels, offering up 4096 ways to win on each spin.

The payouts are as follows:

  • The golden golem and the hammer (which is also a wild) can both fetch you a 12x payout for a six-of-a-kind combination.

How to Play

  1. Set your preferred bet size, ranging from $0.1 to $100.
  2. Spin the reels and aim to land matching symbols on adjacent reels to form a winning combination.
  3. Watch out for the wild hammer symbol, which can transform all symbols below it into wilds, increasing your chances of landing a win.
  4. Try to land three or more scatter symbols to trigger the free spins round, which starts with a 1x multiplier and offers additional free spins with each new scatter.
  5. During the free spins round, every new wild symbol increases the multiplier by one.
  6. The Strike Again feature on your last free spin can provide extra free spins until you secure a win.

Overall Summary The Hammer of Vulcan online slot is an exciting journey into the heart of Roman mythology, where every spin brings a potential shower of coins from the heavens. While the high volatility might mean fewer wins, the excitement of significant potential payouts combined with the intriguing theme makes this game an electrifying experience.

It's time to pick up the hammer and strike it rich! Dive into the world of gods and glory at Gamegram, and let Vulcan guide you towards epic wins with each spin of the reels. Your forge awaits, are you ready to hammer your way to fantastic rewards?

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