Tournaments on Gamegram

What are tournaments?

Tournaments are limited-time events that allow you to compete against other users for prizes and rewards. Gamegram offers two types of tournaments:

  • Gamegram realm - the user who wagers the most out of all players within each Gamegram season gets to claim the main prize in the Hall of Fame! More information on Gamegram Realm can be found here.
  • Slot Races - We regularly host these exciting events in our Telegram channel. Join us here to stay updated and participate in the races!

How do I Join a tournament?

Jump into the Gamegram realm anytime by starting to wager on the slots page. For Slot Races, keep an eye on our Telegram channel.

How are the winners defined and rewarded?

By the end of each tournament, users within the leaderboard are rewarded according to their place. Start wagering now to claim the first place on the leaderboard!

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