How long does the verification process take?

Navigating the Verification Process: Duration and Steps

The verification process is a critical step in ensuring the safety and integrity of our platform. Here's what you need to know about the duration and subsequent steps of this process:

How Long Does Verification Take?

  • ⏱️ Quick and Efficient: The entire process takes no longer than 5 minutes. After completing your verification, you will be informed of the success or failure of your verification.

What Happens Next?

  • ? Possible Re-Submission: In certain cases, such as receiving inaccurate or mismatched information, we might ask you to resubmit the verification request or provide additional documents.

  • ?️ Preventing Rejection: Checking out the common reasons for verification rejection can greatly help at preventing this from happening. This resource offers valuable insights into common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

By understanding the expected timeframe and being prepared for potential follow-up requests, you can streamline your verification process and ensure a smoother, more efficient experience.

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