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July 13, 2023

Top 5: Player vs Player (PvP) games in online casinos

Heads up, gambling enthusiasts! Here's your go-to list of the top 5 Player vs Player (PvP) games where you can put your money where your mouth is and gamble like a true champ. We know the online casino scene is popping off, with a load of games on the rise. But most of them just pit you against software - yawn! Let’s flip the script with some real action-packed PvP games and add a dash of healthy competition, making things a lot more exciting. So pull up a seat, and let's dive into the thrill of real-time gambling on Gamegram, the ultimate PvP hotspot.

Poker (and all its buddies)

Where else to start but the king of PvP casino games – Poker. Get your poker face ready because it's time to hustle! Understand the rules, get your hands (no pun intended) on the value of each poker hand, and you're good to go. Whether it's Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, or H.O.R.S.E., online casinos are teeming with poker variants. Play your cards right, bluff your opponents into folding early, or just sit back and let the chips fall where they may.

Dou dizhu

Rolling in at number two is the strategic card game, Dou dizhu. Three players, one mission – get rid of your cards. The game's all about bets, strategy, and the luck of the draw. Got a good hand? Raise the stakes. Not feeling lucky? Play it safe. At the end of the day, it's all about the payout, and in Dou dizhu, it's either pay up or get paid.

Blackjack tournaments

This ain't your grandma's game of cards; it's Blackjack, where the strategy meets luck. The goal is simple: reach 21 without busting. The high rollers with the best hands get the pot. But remember, there's always a next round and another chance to bounce back. Play your cards right, and you just might end up the last man standing.

Rock, paper, scissors

Who says childhood games can't earn you some cash? Thanks to Gamegram, your favorite decision-making game is now your favorite PvP game. Whether it's rock smashing scissors, paper covering rock, or scissors cutting paper, it's all about making the right move at the right time. Get in the game, choose your weapon, and let the random outcome decide who's boss.

Russian Roulette

Don't fret, we've kept the thrill but ditched the danger in our online version of Russian Roulette. Available on Gamegram, you and up to five other risk-takers take turns pulling the trigger in this ultimate game of chance. Each round ups the ante, and the stakes have never been higher. Will you be the last one standing? It's time to find out! So, fellow gamblers, are you ready to walk on the wild side and take on some PvP challenges? Let's shake things up and roll the dice in these player vs player games. Who knows, you might end up on Gamegram’s honor roll with some cool rewards! Get in the game and make your luck count. Let's deal 'em!