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July 13, 2023

Ride the Crypto Wave: Better Gaming at Gamegram

Cryptos are the new kids on the block in the money scene and they're making waves all over, including in online gambling. They're basically digital cash that doesn't answer to any government, bank, or corporation. The beauty of cryptos is their ease of use and low-cost transactions, which can be made anywhere. But, just like a high-stakes game of poker, cryptos also come with their share of highs and lows. Let's have a look.

Downside #1: Wild, Wild West Volatility

Cryptos are a bit like riding a rollercoaster - thrilling, but potentially stomach-churning. Their value can rise and fall dramatically in no time. So, you might hit the jackpot in your favourite game on Gamegram and get paid in cryptos, but if you don't cash out pronto, you might see your winnings shrink. This volatility varies among cryptos - some are steadier than others. A good example is Bitcoin, which recently dipped 19% in a month. Then there are stablecoins like Tether and USD Coin that are tied to the dollar, so they're less of a wild ride. But, beware, these stablecoins come with their own issues like censorship and fund freezing.

Downside #2: Security and Regulation Blues

Cryptos and online casinos can sometimes have weak security and loose regulations. Each country treats cryptos differently, with some having few laws and others having quite a few. So, it's crucial to get the lowdown on your local crypto laws before you dive in. On the bright side, most places are crypto-friendly. As for security, it depends on the crypto and the casino. Bitcoin is pretty solid, but newer cryptos can be less safe. So, do your homework before you start playing.

Downside #3: No Take-backs

Ever had buyer's remorse and returned something you bought? Well, with cryptos, that's not an option. Once a crypto transaction is made, there's no undo button. So, make sure you double-check everything before you hit 'send'. But hey, look on the bright side - once your winnings hit your wallet, nobody can take them away!

Upside #1: Fast and Easy Global Transactions

Frustrated with slow, costly international transactions? Cryptos are your savior. All you need is an app or a website account, and you can send cryptos to anyone, anywhere in the world, in a jiffy. Whether you're playing on a Curacao-based casino or receiving your winnings, cryptos make the process a breeze.

Upside #2: Your Privacy is a Priority

With cryptos, your business stays your business. You can keep your identity private when making transactions, and all personal information is kept off the records. If you're a privacy buff, you can even generate a new address for every transaction or use privacy coins like Monero and Zcash to hide all transaction data.

Upside #3: Ideal for Small Bets

Love to bet small? Cryptos have got your back. Traditional payment methods often have minimum bet amounts or charge hefty fees, but with cryptos, you can wager as little as you want. For instance, with Bitcoin's Lightning Network, you can avoid transaction fees and bet pennies. Other cryptos like TRON have minimal fees, so small bets are always an option.

Upside #4: More Bonuses, More Fun

Online casinos love cryptos too, and they show it by offering more frequent and higher bonuses. Some online casinos even give away free cryptos to get you started. You can also score free cryptos on social media through airdrops. So, you can start your gambling journey on Gamegram without breaking the bank!

All in all, cryptos are shaking up the online gambling scene in a big way. They come with some risks, but the rewards are pretty sweet too. So, why not hop on the crypto ride and see where it takes you?