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February 26, 2024

Cashback System Launch: How it works?

We are excited to announce a major update for our players as we launch the automatic cashback system to kick off the new week!

How it works:

1. How We Collect Data:

  • Every day, week, and month, we analyze your in-game activity (excluding PvP matches).
  • Daily data collection occurs from midnight to 23:59:59 of the current day.
  • Weekly data collection spans from 00:00 on Monday to 23:59:59 on Sunday.
  • Monthly data collection covers the first day to the last day of the month until 23:59:59.

2. Cashback Calculation:

  • We consider factors such as your personal details, loyalty level, and loyalty points.
  • Cashback percentage depends on your loyalty level.
  • Daily cashback = Your cashback percentage multiplied by a special coefficient (0.15).
  • Weekly cashback = Your cashback percentage multiplied by another coefficient (0.35).
  • Monthly cashback = Your cashback percentage multiplied by an additional coefficient (0.5).

3. Final Cashback Calculation:

  • "Net Casino Revenue" is calculated as the difference between your bets, bonuses, and winnings.
  • If both your overall and periodic "Net Casino Revenue" are positive, Cashback is awarded.
  • In cases where the Total Net Revenue is positive but less than the Period Net Revenue (which must also be positive), we calculate Cashback from the Total Net Revenue.
  • Cashback is credited 15 minutes after the end of each period, for example, at 00:15 the next day.

4. Activating Your Cashback:

  • Cashback needs to be activated on the Reward page.
  • Daily Cashback must be activated within 3 days from the date of award.
  • Weekly Cashback within 1 week from its award.
  • Monthly Cashback has 1 month from the date of award for activation.

Don't miss the opportunity to play more and earn back with our new Cashback system. Every game you play now brings you closer to earning rewards. Dive in and watch your rewards grow!